Seattle Decking with Ipe

What is ipe? And, why is it the best choice for my Seattle decking needs?

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is an exotic hardwood used primarily in home renovation projects such as decking and flooring. Throughout the world, ipe is gaining wider notoriety over other, more expensive hardwoods like teak. A major reason why ipe decking has this well-earned reputation is its natural density. This feature makes the wood virtually immune to insect attacks and decay.

A test that was developed to measure and compare the hardness of woods like ipe and teak is the Janka Hardness Scale. By measuring the force needed to penetrate a small steel ball into the hardwood, it was determined that ipe is three times stronger than teak. The result of this test is clear: Seattle residents who install an ipe deck will have a deck that can withstand the test of time and the elements.

Although ipe costs more than composite decking and pressure treated decking, the return on your investment is so much greater with ipe. In addition, installing an ipe deck for your Seattle home is also a healthier choice. Both pressure treated and composite decking are made with chemicals that could be harmful to you and your family and loved ones.

Here are some more reasons why ipe decking is the perfect choice for your Seattle home renovation or construction project:

We are the best place to purchase ipe throughout Seattle and throughout Washington state. When you purchase ipe decking from us, you will also be making a choice to promote responsible forestry practices. All the ipe decking we offer is made of all-natural eco-friendly materials that are biodegradable.

Contact us today to order or learn more about our ipe decking. We always ensure that our affordable ipe inventory is well-stocked with a variety of sizes, dimensions, and accessories.