Ipe Decking for Seattle Homes & Businesses

An ipe deck is one of the best additions you can make to your Seattle home. Seattle residents know that if they were to to install a deck, they would choose a hardwood that could last not just throughout the year, but for decades to come. Is it any wonder that when it comes to installing a deck in Seattle, ipe decking is the best choice?

Ipe Deck

There are many great reasons why Seattle homes and businesses are turning to ipe for their decking needs. Here are the major reasons why homes throughout Seattle have ipe decks:

Ipe is one of the most beautiful and durable hardwoods that money can buy. It is three times as strong as teak and a lot cheaper. In fact, tests conducted by the United States Naval Laboratory show that ipe can be left untreated and buried in the ground for over 15 years before it shows signs of wear and becomes vulnerable to termite infestation! The reason for this is ipe’s superior density. To prove this all you have to do is see how fast an average piece of ipe sinks in the water and you can see why ipe has the reputation as the most reliable decking material available on the market today.

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