Deck Seattle

The Seattle area is prone to lots of rainy days and cold winters. It takes a special kind of decking to stand up to those types of conditions, and that's why we have made it our mission to supply ipe decking to Seattle WA.

Also known as Brazilian Walnut, ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is a beautiful wood from Brazil that is gaining worldwide recognition as the finest, most durable decking material on the planet. It often used on the deck of fishing vessels when a tough surface is demanded for the dragging of nets and heavy commercial fishing equipment.

Ipe is denser than most other woods and is three times stronger than teak. It does not need to be constantly treated or repaired because it is naturally insect resistant, fungus resistant and even bacteria resistant. This comes from the wood's density and the natural oils inside the wood that Mother Nature added when the tree was growing.

Ipe Decking Seattle

Our ipe decking material comes from managed forests that cultivate and harvest with renewable forestry practices. We look forward to providing residents of Seattle and Washington deck materials that also help expand the forests of Brazil at the same time. Proper forest management improves the health of the forest, reduces destruction by out of control fires and cattle ranching, and increases the amount of trees growing in only a few years.

We can get your order delivered directly to your jobsite or home project within days of shipping, not weeks like the other companies. We have several million board feet in stock in various sizes and can produce custom dimensions upon request. We do not subcontract the work like other companies, we strictly control all custom milling operations in our own facilities, so we can give out customers the best prices on the market.

Contact us today to order from our ipe decking inventory if you are building a deck, gazebo, bench, dock, pier or other project where a strong material is desired. We also sell other premium hardwoods such as tigerwood, garapa, and cumaru. And don't forget the newest addition to our product line: decking tiles.

We also provide you with the best pressure treated lumber for building your deck frame.

* currently ships hardwood decking to all areas in and around Seattle, WA. If you have questions about getting Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood or Garapa decking shipped to your local jobsite, please contact us. You’ll find that our support staff is very knowledgeable and eager to help.

Before you start building your deck, be sure to check out your local area Building Codes.